Customer Requirements

At K.O.D.L.S we want all of our customers to under our

Five Step Lawn Service Process

Step 1: Screening Call

When customers make there initial screening call we use this time to collect customer information including: Name, Phone Number, address, yard size, and get an understanding of what work they'd like completed.

Step 2: Site Visit

During the site visit we get to greet the customer face-to-face. Following that, we do a tour of the yard along side the customer to get a more accurate image of what needs to be done while looking to see if any obstructions would be in our way.

Step 3: Pricing and Payment

After the site visit is complete we give an on-the-spot pricing for the job. Payments must be made before the work is completed. We do offer multiple payment options including: card, cash, invoice, or cash app. Invoice is our preferred method of payment. A link is sent directly to your cell phone, via text message, and payment can be made from there.

Step 4: Commence Service

This is when we start manicuring your yard. Out members come to the site ready to work. They will always be properly equiped with the right tools for the job based on the screening call conversation.

Step 5: Customer Satisfaction Rating

After the service has been finshed we inform the customer to come take a look at the work. If anything is not to their standard we continue to work until the customer is satisfied. In return we learn the standard of our customer and easily keep them happy with their future services. It is asked, but not required, that customers gives us a 5 star rating on our google ranking as well.